In the design of our game, we use the following technologies:

Zrzut ekranu z edytora Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

The choice of the most powerful gaming engine was obvious. The Unreal Engine editor is very intuitive and convenient to use. We are waiting for a stable, production version of Unreal Engine 5, to which we will transfer the current game design. Owing to this, we will use a new type of Lumen lighting, which will allow us to obtain effects previously unheard of in Dungeon Crawler games.
Zrzut ekranu z edytora Character Creator

Reallusion Character Creation i Iclone

We use Character Creator software to create characters, which gives us control over the appearance of the characters and their outfits. The animation and lipsync are created in iClone. We hope to raise funds for the production of the full game and to purchase equipment for Motion Capture and record VO.
Zrzut ekranu z edytora Blender 3d


We use Blender to create and modify assets purchased from the Unreal Marketplace. We also create UV maps, which we then throw into Substance Painter. The Decimate modifier is great for controlling and optimizing the mesh density of objects.
Zrzut ekranu z edytora After Effects


We use Substance Painter to create new materials and optimize asset materials purchased from the Unreal Marketplace; Photoshop to create the UI, After Effects and Element 3d for animation, and Dreamweaver to create the website. We use Adobe Audition for audio processing and we have used Illustrator to create the logotype.


We use Perforce for file versioning. When a programmer works with a designer, it is necessary to have the latest versions of files synchronized on both computers. Perforce also integrates very well with the Unreal Engine editor. Using Perforce, we also have resolved the issue of project backup on the server.

Build the World of the Game with us

We are creating the prototype of the game so you can immerse yourself in the world of Magical Kashubia. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to produce the full game. Support us by adding the game to the Steam Wishlist and on Kickstarter and build a unique fantasy world with us!
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Co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund – a state special-purpose fund.