The Team


Initially, the game design was created by one person – Tomasz Rożyński. Work on the mechanics of the game took over a year. At that time, the Unreal Marketplace introduced a perfectly constructed framework that was gradually expanded.Other fighters have joined the project when it received financial support under the Creative Sectors Development Programme. The whole team have put their hearts into designing the game and we hope that – with your help – the Kashubian legends will come to life!
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Tomasz Rożyński portret

Tomasz Rożyński

The founder of the Frozengem Studio. An avid gamer since the Atari era. For 20 years, he has been associated with the advertising industry as a computer graphic artist, animator and art director in interactive agencies. For several years, he has been implementing projects for the Playway group, creating the so-called vertical slice, that is playable game prototypes used to create advertising materials for the purpose of market research.Privately, he is passionate about game dev and technology, fantasy, sci-fi, travel photography, he vjs at psychedelic trance parties. He loves to play both cRPG as well as RTS and FPS games.
Scope of works:

CEO, game design, 2d/3d graphics, animations, level design, marketing, social media.

Roman Drzeżdżon portret

Roman Drzeżdżon

A true-born Kashubian (with Polish, Frisian, Scandinavian ancestry and… gods know which else). He comes from Starzyno (Puck district), but currently lives in Wejherowo. He is a Kashubian regionalist, writer, journalist and museum specialist – an employee of the Museum of Kashubian and Pomeranian Literature and Music in Wejherowo. A co-founder of the literary group “Zymk” (Kashubian for: Spring) and the cabaret “Fif” (Joke). He is interested in everything Kashubian – language, literature, music, history, culture… He loves stories about Pomeranian gods, idols, ghosts and beasts. He explores, among others, old Kashubian customs, beliefs and superstitions. He also likes comics, but only those with Kashubian and Pomeranian themes.
Scope of works:

He created the main storyline of the game as well as tales, dialogues, descriptions of beasts and characters, and also developed the local names for the game. He provides content-related supervision of the project.

Knut Øverbye portret

Knut Øverbye

Neuroscientist by day and game developer by night, Knut made the Dungeon Crawler Toolkit, which provided a code foundation for Dungeons of the Amber Griffin. A games enthusiast, Knut DMs rpgs and codes games and game frameworks as a hobby. At his dayjob Knut has developed a virtual reality experiment which he and his colleagues use to investigate how learning to navigate a new environment changes your brain. When Knut plays a game he loves he feels an urge to build it himself. When Knut is not actively coding he is probably designing a game in his head.
Scope of works:

Creating the base game framework - mechanics, active support and programming consulting.

Przemysław Ziółkowski portret

Przemysław Ziółkowski "Magu"

He has 20 years of experience in music production and managing audio projects for: TV/Radio, film, voice-over recordings and computer games. He participated in research projects at the University of Warsaw. He recorded antique instruments in the Nasca Desert, as well as antique Yotvingian instruments. He is a composer and sound engineer. He composed soundtracks for video games: Folk Tale, Gloria Victis, Re-Legion, World War 3. Privately: "Petrolhead", Photography, Architecture, 3D Graphics, Industrial Design.
Scope of works:


Percival Schuttenbach portret

Percival Schuttenbach

The composer-producer duo, Mikołaj Rybacki and Katarzyna Bromirska, have implemented the vision of the Percival Schuttenbach group, as an evolving brand for over 20 years.Currently, Percival Schuttenbach is delivering several major music projects: Wild Hunt Live Show – a performance with music used in the game "The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt", Historical Percival – folk and historical music of the Slavs, and Percival Schuttenbach – metal-rock music inspired by folk.
Scope of works:

Performance and recording of compositions.

Percival Schuttenbach logo
Adriana Wacewicz-Chorosz portret

Adriana Wacewicz-Chorosz

A certified translator and interpreter of English, she has been running her own language school and translation agency since 2007. Her passion are studies and languages. Currently, she is studying Applied Linguistics at the University of Oxford. She has translated a variety of texts, from popular to popular science to scientific papers. She has been co-working with the Museum of Kashubian and Pomeranian Literature and Music, as well as many other state and cultural institutions, for many years. In her spare time, she engages in beekeeping and enjoys logical games and puzzles.
Scope of works:

She is the author of the English localization of Dungeons of the Amber Griffin, translations of texts for the website and proofreading.

Dariusz Majkowski portret

Dariusz Majkowski

pracownik Muzeum Piśmiennictwa i Muzyki Kaszubsko-Pomorskiej w Wejherowie, członek Rady Języka Kaszubskiego. W latach 2004-2005 redaktor naczelny pisma „Zwónk kaszëbsczi”, 2010-2011 tygodnika „Gazeta Kościerska”, 2012-2016 miesięcznika „Pomerania”, od 2006 do dzisiaj prowadzi pismo literackie „Stegna”. Pracował jako dziennikarz również w Radio Kaszëbë, w TVG i Twojej Telewizji Morskiej.Jest autorem lub współautorem kilkunastu książek, w tym kaszubskojęzycznej powieści fantasy „Pòd òkã Jastrë”. Tłumaczył na język kaszubski książki, artykuły naukowe i utwory literackie. Jest wykładowcą na Uniwersytecie Gdańskim oraz Uniwersytecie Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu. Otrzymał stypendium dla dziennikarzy im. Izabeli Trojanowskiej oraz stypendium twórcze z zakresu upowszechniania kultury przyznane przez Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.
Scope of works:

Was responsible for proofreading content in Polish and Kashubian.

Paulina Węsierska portret

Paulina Węsierska

She is a teacher and, above all, a lover of the Kashubian language. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Gdańsk as the first graduate of Kashubian ethnophilology. She constantly deepens her knowledge of folk and contemporary music of the Kashubia region, traditional Kashubian dances, folk games in Kashubia, as well as choral, solo and white singing. She works at MPiMKP in Wejherowo.She is the editor of an original program within the project “Kaszëbsczi dlô dozdrzeniałëch”. She is the author of translations and corrections of publications in Kashubian. She runs language courses in teaching the Kashubian language. She is a member of the Kashubian Language Council.
Zakres prac:

Autorka kaszubskiej lokalizacji gry Dungeons of the Amber Griffin, tłumaczeń tekstów na stronę internetową i korekty językowej.

Michal Mejer portret

Michał Mejer

He has always been involved in amateur game development. After completing the Playway School course, he has been supporting Tomasz in modifying and expanding the game mechanics. He is an avid player of cRpg, Tycoon and recently also VR games. He loves to experiment with new technologies. His current challenge is to connect the Unreal Engine with the Oculus, to completely move to the virtual world in the future. He loves tennis, good movies and strategic board games.
Scope of works:

Programming work – development of the base game framework with new functionalities.

Damian Mantur portret

Damian Mantur

He is a graphic designer, illustrator and concept artist who has been working in the gamedev industry for 6 years. A fan of games by From Software studio, dark fantasy, retro sci-fi and Polish cinematography. His passion for games, vivid imagination, and the desire to draw inspiration from his native roots, combined with his dedication for painting, meant that – for several years now – he has devoted himself to creating illustrations and visual concepts of characters and worlds, both professionally and as a hobby.
Scope of works:

He created a series of monster illustrations for the bestiary.

Pavel Rtischev portret

Pavel Rtischev

He is a 2D artist from Russia with the pseudonym Klacher Baklacher (real name is Pavel Rtischev).He has been working in the game development industry for over 10 years and has taken part in the development of many games. The most interesting are Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Total War Warhammer II and III, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2, and so on.In his free time he runs his own YouTube channel where he talks about classical artists and paints. He loves rock and Norwegian folk.
Scope of works:

He created a series of illustrations – portraits and character classes.

RPM Studio portret

RPM Studio

RPM is a recording company creating advertising sound spots (radio spots, sounds intended for broadcasting in commercial facilities, the Internet, telephone systems). It has the largest bank of Polish and foreign voice-over voices in the country (including foreign-language teachers recorded in their own countries).The project participants:
  • Donald Hoffpauir - voice-over
  • Piotr Zientara - mastering
  • Wojciech Kuraś - project coordination
Scope of works:

Preparation of voice-over recordings for the trailer and the game.

The Talented Ones

The game features great 2D and 3D graphics that have been purchased in stores, including Unreal Marketplace. We are pleased to honor them as well:

Build the World of the Game with us

We are creating the prototype of the game so you can immerse yourself in the world of Magical Kashubia. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to produce the full game. Support us by adding the game to the Steam Wishlist and on Kickstarter and build a unique fantasy world with us!
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