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Production plan for 2024

We invite you to take a look at the production plan for our game. Depending on the finances for the production of the game, we will try to complete as many tasks as possible.

Core mechanics

Currently, our game demo is stable. Thanks to the help of players during the public testing, we were able to catch key bugs and fix them. However, we have a number of interesting ideas that we have pre-tested.
Ilustracja wytrychu


  • Creation of additional statistics such as resistances to cold, fire, magic, etc.,
  • Development of new skills and dependencies between them,
  • Modification and balancing of current statistics and their relationships in the game,
  • Adding new throwing weapons such as slingshots, throwing daggers, arrows, etc.,
  • Creation of a new gameplay mode - playing as monsters,
  • Adding parameters related to reputation and their dependencies, e.g., during trading
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  • Switching to a pseudo-isometric view,
  • Adding mechanics for moving on a grid in the pseudo-isometric view,
  • Implementation of mechanics related to displaying monsters and players,
  • Creation of mechanics responsible for hiding geometry close to the camera,
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  • Expansion of gamepad support and adaptation of the game interface,
  • Turn-based mode - if possible and funded,
  • Implementation of slow-motion mode for critical hits and others,
  • Adding a new game mode with randomly generated locations.

Save System

We want to expand the current system of game read/save, player profiles, achievement.
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Game profiles

  • Creation of a player profile system, synchronized in the cloud,
  • Creation of a Steam achievements system and in-game achievements,
  • Development of a system for counting monster kills, playtimes, etc.,
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  • Creation of a save/load game state system in campaign mode with the generation of thumbnails, deletion options, etc.,
  • Integration of the current Quicksave system with the Multisave system,
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  • Creation of a system for importing and exporting teams to different game modes,
  • Development of a system for acquiring rewards in various game modes - available in campaign mode.

2d graphics

In the current version of the game, we present refined 2d graphics - portraits, UI, objects, etc. We managed to get the final quality.
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Character classes

  • Creation of illustrations for 4 new character classes,
  • Creation of graphics for new spells and skills,
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  • Creation of illustrations for emerging stories,
  • Creation of illustrations for puzzles (hints),
  • Creation of illustrations related to quests,
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  • Creation of NPC character portraits,
  • Creation of graphics for Events in the game,
  • Creation of new illustrations for weapons, equipment, and other items.

3d graphics

What we miss most about the current version of the game are the character class models that we could use in alternative views of the game.
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  • Creation of 3D models for individual character classes,
  • Creation of a set of universal animations for NPC characters,
  • Creation of new NPC characters.
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  • Creation of new, modular elements for building locations,
  • Development of a system for building huts, fortifications, etc.,
  • Creation of new locations such as caves, dungeons, cities, villages, and others.
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  • Creation of new, optimized spell effects,
  • Development of new mechanisms, puzzles, etc.,
  • Creation of new in-game cinematic animations.


The current sound in the game needs to be refined and expanded by a professional tech-audio artist. We are committed to enhancing the player's experience with the interactive environment.
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  • Creation of a soundtrack for the game. We hope that the funding obtained will allow us to create a unique soundtrack by Percival Schuttenbach,
  • Establishing new collaborations with music bands for the game's music mode.
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  • Modification of the current audio system and expansion with new sounds,
  • Mastering the entire audio system - compression and audio leveling,
  • Expansion of the game's sound settings and configuration system,
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  • Creation of a system and implementation of Soundscapes in the game. This means building a three-dimensional audio environment for locations,
  • Creation of thematic Soundscapes for diverse locations, divided into, for example, forest, fields, swamps, dungeons, caves, cemeteries, ruins, etc.


We have created a number of systems ready for further development, e.g. dialogue system, quest and mission system, alchemy system, etc.
Ilustracja magicznych liści


  • Creation of a series of new stories (books),
  • Creation of detailed descriptions for the alchemical book,
  • Creation of illustrations and descriptions for the jewelry book,
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  • Creation of new items,
  • Creation of new recipes,
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  • Creation of new puzzles/hints,
  • Creation of new NPC character dialogues and tasks to be performed in the game.

Build the World of the Game with us

We are creating the prototype of the game so you can immerse yourself in the world of Magical Kashubia. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to produce the full game. Support us by adding the game to the Steam Wishlist and on Kickstarter and build a unique fantasy world with us!
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