Spell book

As you gain experience in the game, you will unlock new spells in the magic books. You will have battle spells at your disposal to help you fight monsters and demons. Passive spells will protect your team and enhance the effect of magic items. During the journey you will use health potions, magical energy (the so-called mana) recovery potions, or healing potions that will effectively neutralize toxic poisons.
Spell book illustration

Magical practice

To this day, Kashubians exercise certain magical practices, e.g. newborns and young animals have their necks tied around with a red ribbon to make them resistant to the so-called ‘evil eye’ or unkind words. Babies’ beauty should not be praised too much, as this can bring them bad luck. After cutting the hair, it should be burned to prevent the devil from making a nest of it, which can cause headaches.

Herbal medicine

Plants that were used for magical purposes include, among others lëbiszk (Pol. lubczyk, En. lovage) which awakens love, whereas wormwood and marsh Labrador protect men and animals from charm. Juniper or birch twigs add vitality in spring. Bëlëca (Pol. bylica, En. mugwort) woven into the hair of a young girl makes it grow beautifully and prevents headaches, and lilac heals tuberculosis in children.
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Your hero uses two hands to hold items and weapons. Some of the weapons are two-handed, which means that you will take 2 slots to use them (e.g. bow/crossbow, halberd, two-handed sword, etc.) There are 4 slots in the belt where you can keep magic potions, food or single magic scrolls.
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Magic scrolls

Most spells can be cast by characters with magic skills. Magic Scrolls contain a single magic charge that can be used by any character class.
Ilustracja mikstury odnowienia mana

Mana Recovery Potion

The heroes have Mana energy depending on intelligence points. Casting magic spells and using magic wands and scrolls consume this energy. You can speed up Mana recovery by drinking the Recovery Potion.
Ilustracja mikstury leczenia zdrowia

Healing potion

Heroes can get hurt during combat. Magical health potions allow you to heal wounds quickly. It is a good idea to put a few bottles in the belt to have quick access to them during the fight. There are 3 sizes of potions available.
Ilustracja mikstury leczenia trucizny

Cure Poison Potion

Some opponents can bite with poisonous venom (e.g. spiders or toxic mushrooms). To avoid the hero’s death, you can drink the poison healing potion or wait for the venom to stop working. Remember that being poisoned while resting can be fatal.
Ilustracja mikstury leczenia oparzeń

Burn Treatment Potion

It can get hot during a fight! Heroes can get burned and it can be very unpleasant if you don’t drink the burn healing potion.
Ilustracja mikstury leczenia odmrożeń

Frostbite Healing Potion

Heroes can be frozen and immobilized for a while. It’s a good idea to keep a warming potion in your inventory for a rainy day. In the full game, we plan to introduce the ability to deal Ice Damage during the winter.

Build the World of the Game with us

We are creating the prototype of the game so you can immerse yourself in the world of Magical Kashubia. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to produce the full game. Support us by adding the game to the Steam Wishlist and on Kickstarter and build a unique fantasy world with us!
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