Character classes

Gather your Team

When starting the adventure, you will create a group of 4 heroes who will fight together with the enemies they encounter. There are 9 character classes at your disposal. There are two types of heroes in the game – those with combat skills and those with magic skills. Remember to build a team from complementary classes – the world of Magic Kashubia is a very dangerous place.
Ilustracja klasy postaci Barch


A barbarian, not too bright, but strong and agile, resistant to blows, and irritable – easily provoked into a fight. He likes to eat and drink, aplenty and well. When he smells blood, he goes into a battle rage – he will smash any enemy to pieces, but in battle, he can also injure or kill an ally. He is great with axes and all melee weapons.
Favorite skills:


A fine hunter – he cares for food for his companions; not only can he hunt the best game, but also prepare it. A great tracker – he finds the shortest way to the destination, perfectly reads tracks and signs left by animals, people and monsters. He skillfully uses a bow and various types of shooting and throwing weapons, e.g. slingshots.
Favorite skills:
Ilustracja klasy postaci Jachtorz
Ilustracja klasy postaci Dulas


Also called kùńda, which in the Kashubian speech means a smart guy. He is bright, clever and cunning. An excellent tracker and hunter, though he prefers to steal rather than hunt. He is skilled with daggers. There are no locks or compartments that he would not open. The perfect companion for fun.
Favorite skills:


A classic warrior, well trained to fight. Tough and demanding, but noble. He fights for good. Defender of the weak and the poor, sensitive to the charms of women. He fights equally well on foot and on horseback. His favorite weapon is the sword, but he can use any kind of weapon. He wears armor.
Favorite skills:
Ilustracja klasy postaci Ricerz
Ilustracja klasy postaci Leman


A free peasant who can handle a scythe as well as an ambidextrous sword. In times of peace, he works his little piece of land. He does not listen to anyone, he only believes himself and his mind (this does not apply to married Lemani, who humbly listen to their wives). During the war, he fights bravely. In battle, he is as fast as if he wanted to end the fight as quickly as possible and return to his home.
Favorite skills:


A mage who is a priest of the Slavic god of the underworld, Weles. He is disliked by his companions, since he primarily uses black magic from the underworld. The spells he casts are hard to undo. He draws his power from precious stones, crystals and amber. He often talks to the spirits of ancestors whom he asks for advice. A necromancer, he can learn about the life of a deceased animal and human by examining their guts.
Favorite spells:
Ilustracja klasy postaci Maga
Ilustracja klasy postaci Kutin


A mage who has the power to cast combat spells. For this, unlike Żércë, he does not need herbs, but spells and appropriate gestures are enough for him. He can spot enemies with the help of a magic mirror, through which he can see from a distance – he can also cast a spell this way.
Favorite spells:


A priest of the Pomeranian god Perun, one of the most powerful Slavic gods. He has magical abilities that he draws from water, earth and fire. Supposedly, he has power over lightning. He can heal with herbs and spells. A soothsayer, he can read the will of the gods from the flight of birds, the direction of the wind, the color of the sky and the waters. During battle, he casts protective spells on his companions, as well as curses on his enemies.
Favorite spells:
Ilustracja klasy postaci Zerca
Ilustracja klasy postaci Guslin


A sorcerer who draws his knowledge primarily from the natural world. He despises black magic. He knows herbs perfectly, and can use them as a remedy for any malady. He also uses herbs to heal wounds inflicted with melee weapons. He knows human nature expertly – it is said that he can read a person’s soul by looking at one’s eyes. He translates dreams. During the battle, he supports his companions by calling the forces of nature to help.
Favorite spells:

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