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Ilustracja changelog

Version 6.6 - Christmas and after Christmas..

We've fixed a few little things and added a little fun. We noticed that the snuffbox sometimes doesn't fill up correctly. It's hard for us to locate this bug because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - we're working on it.
Ilustracja changelog

Version 6.5 - Merry Christmas!

We've prepared some snow activities in the game.
  • we added a Christmas tree and presents under the tree on the Benchmark map,
  • we added Santa hats for skeletons on the Percival map,
  • the Percival map is all snowed in, we added some spiders,
  • we reduced the amount of starting equipment for character classes,
  • we have increased the regeneration speed of Mana,
  • we added snowballs on the Benchmark map so that you can throw snowballs : )
  • we fixed the replenishment of snuff and oil lamp in the Tutorial mode,
  • we have started the implementation of FSR3 - maybe before the end of the year we will be able to test it publicly,
  • we added freeze frames and "new" tags in 2d screens,
  • we fixed blurred images in some books,
  • we fixed incorrect page display in some books.
Ilustracja changelog

Version 6.4

We have added a few highlights:
  • new event "Winter in Kashubia". - in the Music location, Benchmark we covered everything with snow. We added hats for skeletons : )
  • we added a new map in Speedrun mode. It is quite difficult and requires a different approach than Speedrun 1. We are curious if you will succeed,
  • we added the game mode indication and the Restart button on the Game Over screen in game music mode and speedrun,
  • we increased the number of spells to cast (now up to 20). We want to see if the gameplay of magical characters improves - let us know,
  • we blocked the possibility to rest in speedrun mode - this lifehack doesn't work anymore .
  • we have changed the cost and effect of spells:
  • we optimised the 4k texture series,
  • we fixed minor bugs in the game,
  • PL/CSB translation was missing on buttons in rest mode,
  • we added labels under the top menu buttons.
We are not yet implementing FSR2 from AMD because we are waiting for the upcoming FSR3.
Ilustracja changelog

Version 6.3

We have added a few changes but all are not yet fully tested.
  • ESC key opens the main menu
  • we have improved the starting items - Barch had a damaged shield and one character's shoes were missing from the prisoners' inventory,
  • we fixed a bug - right-clicking on the shield spell - did not work properly,
  • we changed the rounded wall in Puzzle mode, objects were falling out despite the collision setting.
  • we fixed the collision of projectiles (fireballs and iceballs) - they were hitting near crates, etc.
  • We added highlighting of objects around us under the Left Control key (not yet added to the control settings). In addition, collecting items with the Left Control key pressed will automatically drop the item into the selected character's inventory. Please tell us what you think about this functionality?
    Ilustracja changelog

    Version 6.2

    We have changed the naming of the "Instruction" button to "Controls"
    • we added a button on the string to hide the mini map,
    • we added sounds to the buttons hiding items (it was missing),
    • we fixed a missing texture on the shrine in music mode,
    • we added information about rearranging keys on the "controls" screen,
    • Speedrun:
    • we once again tried to fix the invisible collision in (axes) mode,
    • we changed the spacing of griffin figures,
    • we changed the spacing of the trapdoor in the chamber in front of the axes,
    • we removed the button that opens the first door - it is now on click (the button was blocking the second fire launcher),
    • we lightened the scene slightly.
    We uploaded the game to Steam using the latest SDK to fix the black screen error after starting the game (it occurs in some players). We hope it will work.
    Ilustracja changelog

    Version 6.1

    Thanks to the support of players - playtesters, we have fixed the following bugs:
    • added key mapping option in the manual - not 100% finished yet (we will add AZERTY switch),
    • we fixed the sound of scrolls spawning cage, roots and ice,
    • we fixed the mushroom in benchmark mode,
    • we fixed the invisible wall on the Speedrunning map,
    • we fixed the marker on the tutorial map (behind the lighthouse),
    • we moved the button on the tutorial map,
    • we changed the description of using the lantern/oil (in the future we will add the ability to click the item on the lantern),
    • we lowered the damage from trap fire - fireball,
    • we increased the damage from the cold ball from traps,
    • we reduced the "damage factor" of items used in the hands (in Percival music mode, after a long fight, items were damaged),
    • we began to implement the name generator when throwing the dice in the character creator,
    • we fixed rotating levers in Puzzle mode - invisible collisions should no longer appear,
    • we fixed the map marker in Puzzle mode in place of moving walls,
    • we repaired the operation of the snuff box - the replenishment in the slots of the hand did not work,
    • we fixed the filling of the snuffbox from the hand slots (it worked only from inventory),
    • we fixed the description in the character creator - it was displaying the description of the origin of "Kaszebe" in other character classes.
    More changes and fixes are in progress.Thank you players!
    Ilustracja changelog

    Version 6.0 - Unreal Engine 5

    Moving all game mechanics from UE4 to Unreal Engine 5.
    • We have made a great deal of changes to the combat mechanics, statistics system and data interaction in the game design. Below are the most important ones:
    • we have updated and adapted the latest version of the Ultra Dynamic Sky weather system,
    • we have changed the stats for all weapons,
    • we created an item marking system, divided weapons into the following categories: Shield, Large Shields, Dagger, Throwing daggers, Bow, Crossbow, Staff, Axe, Axe 2-handed, Pickaxe, Short sword, Sword, Sword 2-handed, Polearm, Mace, Club, Helm, Chest Armor, Boots, Robes, Gloves, Hammer, Hammer 2-handed,
    • introduced 32 equipment colors by class and others,
    • we created a new loot system - collecting items from chests (randomly generated from tables with a chance for unique items),
    • we created a quest system (main and side quests),
    • we created a new dialogue system combined with a quest system,
    • we created a system of minimap and marking locations in the game,
    • we added a stamina and snuff system,
    • we created all level 1 spells and scrolls from scratch,
    • we created and implemented a skill system,
    • we added the ability to throw items according to the strength of the character and the weight of the item,
    • we created a new quick navigation system (temporarily disabled),
    • we started the adaptation of the control for gamepads,
    • we started the adaptation of the game for VR with VR gamepad controls,
    • we have changed the way of fighting - characters always deal damage with the possibility of blocking blows by monsters,
    • we created an alchemical book,
    • we created an alchemy book and prepared the game system to create mechanics for creating new items (crafting),
    • we created a book of jewelry making and prepared a game system to create the mechanics of creating new jewelry (not yet finished),
    • we created mechanics for puzzle mode, speedrunning game modes,
    • we created from scratch the way of displaying prompts in tutorial mode (the tabs were illegible and there was a problem with the characters in Polish and Kashubian),
    • we have created a new wall destruction system,
    • we have created house-building mechanics (not yet finished),
    • we have created a new system for saving the game and storing information about unlocked locations, items, etc.,
    • we rebuilt all the maps from scratch. In the Playtest version there are 4 maps, in the story mode there are now 8 new maps.
    • 2 NPC characters were changed and 10 new ones were added.
    • new quests have been added,
    • Nvidia DLSS, Reflex and others have been added. We are waiting for official AMD FSR2 support for Unreal Engine 5.3.1 to implement it.
    • We adapted all the mechanics and developed our own. We totally changed 3d graphics.
    • We created a total of 3200 3d objects fully optimized, about 3000 optimized textures, 2000 instances of materials.
    • We created a new 3d NPC character system based on Reallusion Character Creator/iClone. We optimized 3d character materials and textures.
    • We have created a new system for building wooden structures such as:
      • modular walls and floors for the construction of tunnels, buildings,
      • modular roof supports + straw,
      • modular wooden pillars for ceiling support,
      • modular furniture such as tables, chairs, benches, beds, closets, shelves and others.
    • We have created new modular lighting, such as
      • candlesticks,
      • torches,
      • lanterns,
      • candles,
      • hearths.
    • We have created a new modular system for building dungeons, caves and underground, such as:
      • modular walls of catacombs, crypts,
      • modular walls of caves, mines,
      • modular walls of cemeteries,
      • modular forest and field walls,
    • We have created a new system of modular traps such as:
      • ratchets/buttons,
      • fire launchers, electricity, ice, spider web, electricity,
      • spikes from the ground,
      • earth flamethrowers,
      • dangling beams with spikes,
      • wiszące żelazne kule z kolcami,
      • ground saws,
      • metal spears from the ground,
      • crushing walls.
    • We have created a new modular system of interactive elements like:
      • key locks (square, vertical, round),
      • crystal skull locks,
      • locks for Kashubian runic system called Merki,
      • locks for keys/magic books,
      • hidden buttons,
      • round levers,
      • classic levers.
      • doors, grilles, gates and more.
    • We have developed a new type of vegetation, optimized for Lumen+Nanite. We rebuilt the tree models, applied new UVmaps, textures. We optimized the amount of textures and materials used.
    • We created new master materials and instances, reworked all textures in the game and added new ones. We applied Virtual Texture to virtually all materials. We applied a power-of-2 ratio.
    • We changed the 3d animations of the characters - monsters.
    • We added new monsters to the bestiary - a total of 23 monsters (53 variations).
    • We have changed the layout and appearance of on-screen elements such as:
      • mini character,
      • character creator,
      • added character class icons,
      • we have created new portraits for each character class (male/female),
      • spells,
      • skill tree,
      • items (we added new items - a total of 823 items in the game),
      • added mini map and zoom map,
      • sleep screen,
      • loading screens,
      • menu screens, buttons,
      • bestiary,
      • alchemy book,
      • world map,
      • quest log,
      • notes, notes and prompts.
      • AUDIO
      • We have completely modified the game's sound reproduction system. To the best of our ability we were able to refine the volume levels but we are aware that this still needs to be refined.
      • we created new sounds: monsters, combat, steps, spells, opening chests, UI and others,
      • we created a new system based on Soundscapes (still in progress),
      • we have added sound classification for objects divided into wood, metal with varying weights.
      • BUG FIXES
      • blocking monsters - invisible walls,
      • dx12 error - Niagara vfx fixed,
      • texture streaming pool size - textures moved to virtual textures,
      • character creator - moving character classes, origins, etc. with arrows,
      • closing selected widgets with the "Space" key during the game,
      • sound when picking up objects from the map,
      • sound of collision of objects with the environment,
      • vfx effect of hitting the screen around the frames,
      • delayed popups,
      • after the hero died, we moved his position to the second row,
      • adjust inventory screen positions on the screen, character thumbnails,
      • character creator, does not correctly load default data,
      • character creator - for assigning Ability Points in the creator once jumps to 5, once to 2 - when changing classes,
      • added AUTO ASSIGN button, which will automatically (randomly) assign points to characters,
      • sometimes graphic titles captions in the bestiary book disappear,
      • icons in the top menu have been highlighted, after clicking the icon for the first time - the backlight disappears,
      • illumination of icons at the top of the screen when the character advances to a higher level,
      • "Not enough mana" voice setting,
      • item stacking fix,
      • adding game timers counting down and up depending on the game mode,
      • problem with screens overlapping while playing,
      • changing and enlarging the top icons to make them more readable,
      • fixed level transition and save in the game,
      • transferring the save from new game to the story mode button,
      • added mini map and enlarging map,
      • discovered maps are cleared between level transitions,
      • character creator - does not read Unknown gender of all portraits,
      • the death screen gets stuck, paused screen,
      • added quick menu for gamepad controllers (in progress),
      • gloves do not update Equip Stats,
      • added new loot system in boxes, improved checking of inventory space,
      • use the same spell twice on the same character, sometimes it removes only one effect of the spell, not two,
      • changes to life in the portrait,
      • changes to the display of spells from the spellbook,
      • changes to the way changing the active character works,
      • added Amber Book and Alchemy Book + gamepad navigation system,
      • added the ability to switch between the map and other widgets from the Top Menu,
      • hiding the map and other widgets when sleeping and displaying the menu,
      • improved menu height and click fixes,
      • improved skills and tooltip translations,
      • repair of collision projectile when hitting walls,
      • fixing spells in the build,
      • lantern repair,
      • finding a bug with level transition,
      • translation in the character creator,
      • poison fix,
      • control changes when interacting with merchants,
      • new portrait system in the character creator,
      • added Clickfix (blocking) under the graphics so that nothing is clickable,
      • we remove Fade In (leave only out) - after pressing Resting, immediately show the board,
      • removing the spells widget when the magic book changes slot or is thrown away,
      • added the ability to throw away learned spells and fixes related to bugs when adding a spell or changing the page of the magic book,
      • spells on characters + ability to use spells from multiple characters at the same time,
      • graying out of spells when we do not have the appropriate mana level,
      • camera changes and fixes on the move,
      • adding mana, life and food limits,
      • fix in character creator (gender does not reset),
      • disabled weather change in music mode,
      • fixes in condition items,
      • extracting the widget to change the character's position in the team,
      • locking graphics settings to max epic,
      • setting the correct collisions on the doors, ceiling and walls of the cottage + on the UDS blocker,
      • added FOV settings in graphics settings,
      • improving and organizing widgets,
      • added default spells remembered at the start of the game,
      • when you turn the pages of the magic book, you can see the spells - they should be hidden,
      • added the mouse direction option,
      • the seller doesn't agree - in the sense that we have money but we can't buy,
      • after casting Healing spells, after a while you can see it taking away the players' lives,
      • character creator - you can increase your statistics indefinitely,
      • the poison doesn't take life, but it should,
      • breakables do not work properly, after breaking they remain,
      • added pressing Space now closes the windows,
      • flying items through slots,
      • after throwing the scrolls a few times, it eats mana and the spellbook becomes like a broken item,
      • At the moment of Death... the Death widget screen appears and cuts off the dialogue "your team is dead",
      • you can lift objects about a grid too far,
      • double beep "your team is dead",
      • when there are no warriors, the "Skills" screen does not display correctly,
      • added sounds from the skills screen,
      • added the ability to attack with polearms from the second row,
      • added information - widget on the skills screen "You have 1 [the number may be higher if someone does not allocate and advances several times] points to allocate,
      • if a monster attacks with two projectiles at the same time, the projectile hits itself. Added a delay between the projectiles fired by the monster,
      • adding monster AI (including: walking around the map, escaping, attacking, redoing blueprint animations, adding a collision box so that characters will definitely get damaged),
      • added hitting monsters among themselves (also by magic missiles),
      • Fireballs from traps do not deal damage, but they should,
      • the trapdoors on the ground are not pressed by monsters but they should be,
      • converting the level curve into a table,
      • repairing potions after drinking a poisonous one has no healing effect,
      • show damage frame when player takes damage,
      • controls on the gamepad (walking, turning, turning on the inventory, changing the currently selected character, using the belt and character slots, picking up and putting down items, detecting whether the player is using the pad or the mouse and keyboard),
      • gamepad control in the menu,
      • invalid travel - error during game over,
      • possibility of placing the item on the floor,
      • the player appearing in the monster's place may trigger a crash,
      • monsters should not enter level transitions,
      • added new widget after pressing button "New game" : Story mode / Music mode / Traps runner etc.,
      • removed switching from UNKNOWN gender to another gender when changing e.g. character class,
      • removed the preloader between MAIN_Menu and Character Creator,
      • monsters stop attacking,
      • monsters deal 10 life when poisoned (as much as poison - they should deal min.max damage from dt_monsters),
      • the color of the poison remains in the portrait,
      • magic projectiles, e.g. fireball from the scroll, fly through monsters without dealing damage or breaking - they should break down,
      • bug monster projectiles overlap with traps,
      • bug dropping items,
      • reduce the lamp clicking range to 1 tile,
      • added loaders between levels,
      • added the ability to control the torch on and off,
      • you can choose particles or niagara x2, i.e. during Hit and during Destroyed,
      • added Hit / Destroyed sounds,
      • item requirement to use (request for 3 rollovers - none/ pickaxe/hammer/2handed hammer),
      • added information in the corner of the screen "You need to use a hammer or pickaxe",
      • added breakable walls, rocks, boards,
      • added the ability to deal damage to boards on doors when we are on the same grid as them,
      • adding a simplified widget in a fixed place on the screen (above the characters in the corner). Show damage, condition etc.,
      • added sound control, image control, settings control,
      • added load/game system,
      • problem with statistics that were added after casting spells not decreasing,
      • adding the ability to cast spells on other party members, e.g. healing,
      • adding Niagara UI when clicking on slots/casting spells,
      • music mode: programming a widget showing the number of collected skulls, collecting skulls,
      • added new Dialogue system,
      • adding a widget with instructions,
      • disabled items in the tutorial and the ability to select characters other than the default characters, omitting the character creator in the tutorial,
      • added the ability to auto-save items to the inventory,
      • added new quick spells menu,
      • damaged items that we have equipped should not give ++ statistics,
      • when you took out and inserted, for example, a shield into the slot, stats were added endlessly,
      • you can throw an item on the grid where the character is standing - move it. It is necessary to block the NPC from moving,
      • increase the intervals between poison damage,
      • stacking consumeable items in your belt,
      • added: fill the lamp in the same way as snuff,
      • disable save and load from music/puzzle/speedrunning modes,
      • cinematic sequences between maps were unnecessarily played every time,
      • added button "Take all" closes the window (loot screen),
      • transparent elements in a mini character,
      • problem with some candlesticks when they are extinguished,
      • the base damage is on the portrait, and on the item it is current - replace it,
      • added a table of contents to the alchemy/bestiary book,
      • after switching to full hd, the full window sometimes changes the aspect ratio to 4:3,
      • closing inventory in the loot view, does not close the chest,
      • stacking items should not raise them,
      • splitting items doesn't work,
      • added a mini map under M, remove the main menu under M,
      • throwing the shield, the cooldown resets,
      • rotating the player's icon on the minimap relative to real rotation,
      • character overload doesn't work,
      • bugs with bug quest,
      • after loading, the character is still dead despite the save,
      • fixed collisions,
      • fixed footstep sounds issue.

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